Will you install in my town?

Our normal range for installation is 1 hour’s drive from Sheffield or Manchester. However, work may be considered further afield if extra travel expenses can be arranged.

Unfortunately we cannot at this time offer Installations in Wales, Scotland, Cumbria, North East England, East Anglia, South East, South Coast or the South West.

I have a hot water cylinder / back boiler / water tank in the loft. Does this price include taking out my existing water tank and boiler, and fitting the new combi boiler?

If you want a Combi Boiler but still have a hot water storage cylinder you will be needing what is known as a system upgrade. This will take 2 days, and require more materials and increase the overall cost of the installation.

Do I need to upgrade the gas pipe to 22mm?

This is a often confused subject. The regulations do not ask for a certain size gas pipe. The regulations require that the pipe is suitable to deliver adequate “working pressure” when the appliance is working at full rate.

If a larger pipe runs near to the appliance and then is reduced down before entering the appliance, it could still provide adequate working pressure. Please note, on larger boilers a 28mm pipe may be required to supply the correct pressure.

Do I need a chemical cleanse, Magnacleanse or Powerflush?

Ok, lets try to keep this short. Yes you have to cleanse the system water of the installation debris but Powerflushing the whole system is not a requirement of the boiler manufacturers or British standards, it is simply seen as best practice.

Studies show that a properly cleansed system will enhance the life expectancy of the new boiler, and lower gas bills by an average of £60 per year. Having chatted with technical help at various boiler manufacturers, we would advise you to make this judgement when draining down the system water. If the water is sludgy, then spend time cleansing the whole system.

Do I need a magnetic filter?

No, you do not need a filter, but this really is the best thing you can possibly do for your new boiler. We always advise also purchasing a magnetic filter for your heating system. These filters are essential for any boiler added to an old system. If serviced regularly, this trap will protect your new boiler from the old system and all its corrosive debris.

Even a small build-up of iron oxide and non-magnetic deposits in a standard or modern efficiency boiler results in substantial efficiency loss, and fuel wastage. So, not only does the system perform inadequately, it also costs more to run and maintain.

What is a condensate pipe?

Modern condensing boilers produce a mild acidic water known as condensate. Best practice is for this to be diverted to an internal waste such as the kitchen waste pipe. Without access to an internal drain, external drains can be used with added precautions. Alternatively, a pump can be installed to pump the condensate away to drain.

What about hard water areas?

If you live in a hard water area, (defined as total hardness greater than 200mg/l), the feed water to your boiler needs to be treated to prevent lime scale formation. New houses in hard water areas should already have some provision for water treatment.

Who is the warranty with?

As long as the boiler was installed correctly and is serviced once a year, the warranty is with the boiler manufacturers, and will cover all parts and labour in the case of a possible future breakdown. We can offer our loyal customers a discount for their annual service, please contact us to enquire about this.

Do we do boiler repairs?

We have many potential customers asking us whether we do boiler repairs. The short answer to this is no, we do not. We believe that in most cases it is in the best interest of the customer to have a new boiler installed. We found over the years that yes, a new pump costing £150 plus will get the system up and running again, however you are then left with an old boiler with a new pump. Sooner or later other parts are going to start failing and need repairing and the costs will build up. It is much more cost effective, if you have the money available, to purchase a new boiler from £995 with a warranty that will cover you for all parts and labour. No more unexpected bills here and there, just peace of mind.

We will however always give impartial advice over the phone, if you do need an opinion on wether or not to get your boiler repaired.

Big Boiler Shop will carry out the work set out on your quote, for the price that is stated in it, under the following terms and conditions. All prices include VAT at the current rate.


The company reserves the right to refuse to carry out work for any customers who are abusive to our staff.
The company reserves to decline to the right to refuse to accept any call outs from customer’s who have any outstanding payments.
The company requires 50% minimum deposit, and 48 hours notice prior to appointment/installation in order to purchase boiler/parts needed for the installation.
The settlement payment must be made to be paid fully on completion of the installation/ service.
manufacturer’s warranty & registration with Gas Safe will only be realised on receipt of final payment.
The Company will do everything in their power to prevent the customer’s household from any potential damages.


All complains have to be made in writing to our head office address, you can also email the complaint to Complaints@HallamshireEnergy.co.uk.
The company will aim to respond to any complaint made within 48 hours.


All materials/boilers/parts installed are the company’s property until all invoices/balances are paid in full.
If the customer fails to pay in full any outstanding invoice/ balance in the time specified the company reserves the right to remove its property from the customer’s property.

The Company’s Guarantee

We offer 12 months of help and advice after the installation FREE of charge.
The company guarantee will last for 12 months after work has commenced, the company takes full responsibility for all the works and materials that the company has installed.
Where we have connected new equipment to your existing system, we cannot accept responsibility for the cost of repairing or replacing parts of your existing system that later develop faults, unless we have been negligent in not realising that this damage to your existing system would happen, or unless the way we carried out the work was negligent and this caused the fault.

The company does not take responsibility for any other part of the attached system such as radiators, time switches, thermostats, motorised valves, external pumps, external central heating pumps, external expansion vessels and sanitary areas such as toilets, taps, sanitary pumps, shower valves & shower pumps.

The company does not to take any responsibility for faulty parts that have been installed by another company, or parts installed by our company that has been repaired / altered, or that have been moved from their original place of installation by any other person than our Gas Safe engineer.
The company reserves the right to charge an hourly fee for call out to a fault that is not caused by the installation work that we have quoted for.

The costs of an annual boiler service, or any parts required by the annual service, is NOT included in the installation fee.


The company aims to send quotations to the customer for straight installation within 48 hours from enquiry. If the installation requires further time to give accurate estimate, i.e. boiler relocation, full central heating installations, or other bespoke work, it could take up to a week for the company to send the quotation to the customer.

Once the price for installation/service is agreed, the suitable date for both customer and company will be arranged.

The agreed price is inclusive of VAT, and it should not change under any circumstances unless otherwise advised by the company in advance prior the installation/ service.

Home Visits/Surveys

A free home survey will be carried out where possible before the final price is agreed. Otherwise, the company offers a short telephone survey which determines requirements for installation/service, after which the quotation can be sent.

The company reserves the right to call off/re-arrange home visits at any time. The company will contact the customer in advance whenever possible.

Appliance Servicing

The company will contact the customer with enough notice when the service of their boiler is due, where possible.

If any faults are discovered when the service is carried out, the engineer will advise the customer of the fault. The customer is responsible for contacting the manufacturer themselves if the appliance is under warranty, if that is not the case the engineer will advise the cost of repair before proceeding.

The area surrounding the appliance should be cleared out as much as possible, to give the engineer access to carry out the service. Upon failing to do so, the company reserves the right to charge the customer a fee for having to clear the area to gain access.

For appliances that are not originally fitted by the company – we reserve the right to shut down the appliance if unsafe and or installed incorrectly and doe not meet Gas Safety regulations.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

All appliances purchased from the company are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
In order to qualify for full boiler warranty, it is crucial to make sure that the boiler is serviced by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer every 12 months.

If the customer decides not to have an annual service, the warranty will lapse and the manufacturer will no longer cover any call-outs, parts or labour costs in the event of a breakdown.
For individual warranties for each manufacturer, and for full terms & conditions, please see pdf files attached.

Once the customer is happy with one of the installation options, they are required to reply to the initial email sent by the company confirming the chosen option.

Once the company receives the confirmation, the fixed price quote is produced for the customer, which confirms the chosen option, price, date of installation, and deposit requirements.

The company reserves the right to collect outstanding settlement payment directly after the installation is completed.

Cancellations & Refunds

You can cancel this agreement up to 14 days after accepting. This is called your cooling off period. By accepting the quote and paying the deposit you have agreed that in the case of an urgent repair/ replacement of heating products we can start work before the cooling off period ends. If you cancel your agreement after the work has started, we will charge you for any work already carried out and any goods already installed into your property. You will not be able to cancel once the work is fully completed or the goods have been installed into your property. We can deduct our costs from any deposit you have paid or bill you for them.

The wish to cancel installation/ appointment should be in writing/ email. The company will refund customer’s deposit payment within working days of the received cancellation notice. (Working days do not include Sundays, and public holidays).

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